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Volta Aluminium Company Limited - The Flagship of Ghana's Industrialization Agenda

The establishment of VALCO was as a result of the vision of the first President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, to establish an integrated aluminium industry in the country. The Company is therefore a product of the meeting of minds of Dr Nkrumah and the late Edgar Kaiser, Chairman and Founder of Kaiser Aluminium & Chemical Corporation (KACC), the immediate past majority shareholder of VALCO.

Construction of the VALCO plant began in 1964 and commercial production of aluminium began in the Plant in March 1967.  Prior to that a series of discussions had taken place that culminated in the signing of an agreement for the construction of the Akosombo Hydro-electric Dam that also resulted in the establishment of VALCO, then owned by the two American Companies, Kaiser Aluminium & Chemical Corporation (KACC) with 90% and Reynolds Metal Company which later became Aluminium Company of America (ALCOA) with 10%.

VALCO is currently owned 100% by the Government and People of Ghana.

Volta Aluminum Company Limited - Ghana